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Brooklyn streets

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THE LAST JEWISH GANGSTER—The voice of this piece of nonfiction is impeccable. Very reminiscent of GOODFELLAS, Michael Hardy is a fascinating subject that truly commands your attention as you read. It’s easy to imagine his story getting the feature film treatment or being the basis of a compelling premium cable/streaming drama TV series. Thankfully, there’s more than enough material to mine to make either of those a legitimate reality. This is the type of project that needs an A-List attachment--either a filmmaker or lead actor--in order to get it off the ground.

Brooklyn streets
Brooklyn streets
Readers' Favorite 5-Star

5-Star Reviews

When it comes to gangsters, Michael Hardy's the real thing. His is a captivating and

different kind of story. I'm astounded you captured his voice.

Nicholas Pileggi

 Author of Wise Guy, Casino

Co-screenwriter of Goodfellas, Casino

The Last Jewish Gangster is a fascinating character study of an unapologetic criminal. David S. Larson masterfully weaves this tale in Michael Hardy's own words, resulting in a powerful, inside story of a gangster's life.

Cathy Scott

Los Angeles Times bestselling author

What a story this is. A vivid picture of a real gangster with a code of honor. It makes me glad I’ve been lucky enough to stay on Michael’s good side.

Nick Taylor, Author

Sins of the Father

A Necessary End

American Made

A candid confession from a true criminal. Larson permits readers a peek into the psyche of a ruthless gangster. Larson writes with moving limpidity and compels readers to keep walking this long, dark road into the deep recesses of a criminal mind.

Romuald Dzemo, Readers Favorite

I’m not sure that author David S. Larson could have found a character much more interesting than Michael J. Hardy to write about, even if he tried to make him up. A heck of a story to tell, but with enough regrets to sink a ship.

Chris Fischer, Readers Favorite

Michael J. Hardy is difficult to forget ... or avoid. Larson entertains with a fluency equal to John Grisham.

Lisa McCombs, Readers Favorite

An eye-opening journey into the life of Michael Hardy. I was entertained, horrified, and awed by the life of this Jewish kid from New York and his rise in the world of crime.

Heather Osborne, Readers Favorite

A fascinating glimpse into gangster Michael J. Hardy. One of my favorite books in recent times.

Gisela Dixon, Readers Favorite

Larson wrote this story first-person rather than just writing the facts. I might not have liked Michael J. Hardy as a person, but I did not want to put down his story.

Jessyca Garcia, Readers Favorite

Larson takes a sympathetic look at a despicable figure, who charms the reader as the story goes on. An intense look at Michael J. Hardy’s transition from aspirational criminal to regretful inmate. A unique flavour of the criminal psyche.

Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers Favorite

You created a brutal, bad dog character who I wanted to see win using a Hemingway-esque power of brevity. I felt like I was walking in Michael Hardy’s world the entire time.

Steve Bates

A biography so interesting, so intriguing, so captivating, that the reader will at times forget that this is the story of real life Michael J. Hardy, and will feel as if they have fallen into a fictional world of crime.

Tracy Slowiak, Readers Favorite

It is the story of a child struggling for belonging and acceptance. The first person tone of the narration gave the story a more individual touch, and hard as it seems, it also feels personal and genuine.

Faridah Nassozi, Readers Favorite

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